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Nuria Zaragoza

Vice President

Kristy Skeffington


Stacey Gould


Catherine Scaramuzzi

LASA Booster Club Mission

The mission of the LASA Boys Soccer Booster Club is to support the boys' soccer program, assist the coaches, foster positive school spirit, and increase community awareness and appreciation of the boys' soccer program within the school and the greater community. The Booster Club will work to raise and secure funds that will be used to purchase equipment, services, and supplies to benefit all LASA soccer players. We will support and encourage student athletes by promoting positive parent and community participation in LASA soccer activities. We believe that parent and community involvement are key to the success of each student in their academic and athletic pursuits.

BY-LAWS of the Liberal Arts and Sciences Academy (LASA) Boys Soccer Booster Club 

Austin, Texas 78721
As adopted on JANUARY 7th, 2021

Amened on JANUARY 11th, 2023


Article I – Name

The name of the organization is the LASA Boys Soccer Booster Club, hereinafter referred to as “the Booster Club”

Article II – Purpose

The purpose of the Booster Club is to promote the Boys Soccer Program at the Liberal Arts and Sciences Academy (“LASA”) by:

  • fostering school spirit and supporting activities related to the LASA Boys Soccer program, within the guidelines of UIL policies governing booster clubs and administrative rules provided by the Austin Independent School District and by LASA as amended from time to time;

  • communicate activities related to the Boys Soccer program;

  • sponsor fundraisers in support of the Boys Soccer program;

  • obtain support and sponsorship of the Boys Soccer program;

  • recognize players or coaches as appropriate and authorized;

  • sponsor pre-season and post-season functions.


Article III – Membership

Membership is open to any person wishing to join the Booster Club in support of the boys’ soccer program at LASA. Parents and guardians are automatically members of the Booster Club.

Article IV – Executive Board

Section 1

The Executive Board is composed of four (4) officer positions:

  • President: The President presides at all business meetings and executive board meetings. The President serves as an ex-officio member on all committees and acts as the overall liaison with BHS and the Parent Teacher Student Association. He/she guides the officers and committees in carrying out the objectives of the Booster Club and enforcement of the provisions of the bylaws, UIL booster club guidelines, the Austin Independent School District booster club regulations and rules provided by BHS regarding booster clubs.

  • Vice President: The Vice President, at the request of the President or in the President’s absence, may perform any of the duties of the President. In addition, the Vice President may coordinate special projects as required.

  • Secretary: The Secretary in the absence of the President and Vice President may perform any of the duties of the President. In addition, the Secretary may coordinate special projects as required. They shall record all proceedings from executive board meetings and regular membership meetings and provide a copy to LASA. He or she will assist in preparing thank you letters for sponsors and may prepare a periodic newsletter for soccer players and parents/guardians. The Secretary may also assist the coach in creating and maintaining a roster of players and their parents.

  • Treasurer: The Treasurer oversees the financial activities for the Booster Club using sound general accounting principles. This includes receiving and disbursing all Booster Club dues, funds and issuing receipts as required. He/she also oversees the maintenance of financial records and provides financial reports. As necessary he/she arranges for outside financial audits of the Booster Club books. The Treasurer assists in financial planning activities and prepares an annual budget for the Booster Club.


Section 2 – Officer Elections

Officers shall be elected on an annual basis. The term for each officer is one year. Officers may be re-elected to the same position. Nominations and elections for officer positions will be solicited from members prior to the last regular meeting and may be taken from the floor during the end of season function or last membership meeting. Only members in good standing may be elected to an officer position and only dues paid members may vote. Voting may be accomplished by ballot or show of hand. 

Section 3 – Officer Vacancies

Executive Board vacancies will be filled for the remainder of the term by appointment by the President and confirmed by the remaining members of the Executive Board. In the event that the position of President becomes vacant, the position shall be filled (in order) by the Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer.

Section 4 – Officer Recall

Any elected officer may be recalled by the Booster Club membership. A recall motion shall be made in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised. Written notice containing specific complaints must be presented to the Executive Board at least two weeks prior to the presentation of the recall meeting. A two-thirds majority of the votes cast shall sustain the recall. Proxy votes may be submitted.

Section 5 – Office Documents and Files

All officers shall deliver to their successors any official material as early as possible, but not later than one month following the date on which the new officers assumed their duties.

Article V – Committees

Section 1 – General

The Executive Board may create such standing committees as it deems necessary to accomplish the goals and carry on the work of the Booster Club.

Section 2 – Committee Membership

The Chairs of all Committees are ex-officio members of the Executive Board with voice but no vote at Executive Board meetings. The Chairs and/or membership of committees are selected from general membership volunteers and confirmed by vote of the Executive Board. The President is an ex-officio member of all standing committees.

Section 3

Standing Committees may include but not be limited to:

  • Publicity

  • Fund-raising

  • Concessions

  • Uniform/warm-ups advisory

  • Pre-season or Post-season functions


Article VI – Governance

Section 1 – Quorum

A majority of the filled officer positions shall comprise a quorum for Executive Board and General Membership meetings.

Section 2 – Voting

Each member shall have one vote. Except as otherwise provided, all matters which require action by ballot shall be decided by a majority of votes cast at a meeting for which there is a quorum.

Section 3 – Meetings

The Booster Club shall hold a minimum of two (2) meetings per year. Specifically called meetings may be scheduled by the President or the Executive Board or by written request of at least five (5) voting members. A minimum of one week notice of a meeting must be given by announcement, phone, email or mail to the membership for a meeting to be deemed as having proper notice.

Section 4 – Parliamentary Authority

The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern meetings.

Section 5 – By-law Amendments

By-laws may be amended by vote after the written amendment(s) have been made available for review by all members. A two-thirds majority of votes cast shall sustain the amendment at any meeting that meets quorum and notification requirements as previously outlined.

Section 6 – Dissolution

The Booster Club shall use its funds and other assets exclusively to advance the mission and purposes stated in these by-laws. The Booster Club may be dissolved at the direction of the LASA Principal or upon approval of seventy-five percent (75%) of the Booster Club. Upon dissolution of the Booster Club, any remaining funds or other assets shall be distributed to the LASA Parent Teacher Student Association.

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